Nick first started to learn the Piano at the age of 7 and took his Royal School of Music Pianoforte exams, grades 1 to 8 between the ages of 10 and 17. During that period (1990 - 1997), he developed a real passionate interest in songwriting and performing songs. It was also during this time, that he showed a strong interest in learning the acoustic guitar and a passion for singing. As a teenager, he also decided to teach himself the bass guitar, so he could play in various school bands and develop his songwriting/arranging skills. At the age of 18 (1998), Nick moved away to North East Yorkshire, where he studied Music at Hull University for three years. It was here he met his songwriting counterpart and best friend Lee Brown (Casualkai). Nick and Lee started to compose, write songs and gig together on the Yorkshire circuit as an acoustic outfit. It was their way of promoting themselves and making a few quid playing covers to the locals/students so they could pay their bills / drink and stay fed. Nick graduated in September 2001 with a 2:1 in Music with creative Music Technology.In 2001, Lee and Nick went their separate ways for a year. Nick moved back to Plymouth (South-West Devon) to work, busk and decide on his future. Lee did the same and moved back to Newcastle. During Summer 2002, Nick decided to move north once again so he could carry on writing and recording with Lee. Wait for it...Casualkai was born. Lee and Nick went about to audition a Bassist (Jon Jarvis) and Drummer (Joff Fortune) to the ranks. Over the past 10 years, Casualkai have been well received on the North-East Circuit playing many bars, local festivals and events. In 2008, the band played their last gig together and in the following year their debut long player "Snapshots" was recorded and mastered. This record will soon be available for digital download on itunes along with other recordings. In 2010, Casualkai had ran its course and all 4 members decided to call it a day indefinately. In 2014, Casualkai returned for a one off gig to celebrate the official release of 'Snapshots'. It was this gig that ignited the band's passion to get back together again to write and record. The band gets together now and then, but you can still catch Nick gigging constantly on the local circuit as a solo act. During the past few years, he ran a very successful acoustic night at what was formally "Fatcats Cafe" which sadly closed in 2009. The night catered for up and coming singer/songwriters who wanted to showcase their stuff in a very stripped down and intimate way. As well as gigging constantly, you will sometimes find Nick busking in Newcastle's city centre or down the quayside at weekends to promote and market himself. Writing and playing original music is the dream, but he is available for private functions, weddings, and other events, etc. If you book him, you will get a one man show playing/singing rock and pop hits from 1960's 'til present day indie/chart stuff. Please contact him via this website. Nick has really enjoyed playing piano/backing vox for the following local acts: The Unstable Tables (live/recorded sessions), Verity Burton (debut LP), Kelly Brownell ("Far Away Girl" sessions), Graham Testo ("Tailoring In The Dropzone" sessions), Jon Tait, Owen R Davies, Beckie Broadbent, Les Anderson, Nick Brown, Jon Tait, etc. Please do check their myspace sites out. Nick has a home studio recording set up. When all of the above isn't happening, he continues to write and record his own material. This set-up has enabled him to delve into his past, re-work demos from his old four-track machine. He is now in a position to promote his solo offerings and collaborations via this website, Myspace, itunes and Facebook. Please do comment, get in touch, download your favourite tracks, etc. Thank you for taking the time to read this, enjoy.